In the first month of this year, Microsoft published four security bulletins.
1. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-001 - Important Security Update for Microsoft Edge (3214288)
2. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-002 - Important Security Update for Microsoft Office (3214291)
3. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-004 - Important Security Update for Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (3216771)

Recently, JSST(Joomla Security Strike Team) has fixed some security flaws in Joomla!. Also, JSST mentioned that Joomla! 3.6.5 includes more security hardening mechanisms 

Last month of this year 2016, Microsoft has released 12 security bulletins. It addresses more than fourty Vulnerabilities. Among 12 bulletins, six of them are rated as critical.

Update : The tool has been updated to detect the latest Jan 2017 variant of the Shamoon2 malware - 01-24-2017 03:09:15 IST

On December 1, 2016, Crowdstrike[2] reported a new targeted attack on some Gulf companies using the Shamoon malware. Shamoon is a malware that infected companies in Middle East and primarily wiped their hard disk. This is a new variant and is dubbed as Shamoon 2.0[1].

In this month, Microsoft has published 14 security bulletins and addresses  more than seventy vulnerabilities. Among the 14 bulletins , six of them are rated as critical.